Laptop Power Socket

Laptop Power Socket

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We repair laptop power sockets & we sell new adaptors!


Is your laptop not charging or do you have to wobble the wire; position the wire to get it to charge?

Does the screen flicker slightly when you move the cable?

Do you have to apply pressure near the charging socket to get it to charge?


laptop power socket repair

You probably have a bad connection on the internal dc socket (power socket) or your charger may be faulty and have a loose wire in the moulded end.

Luckily and conveniently we can either repair your laptop power socket or find you a new charger (power supply)

We stock over 30+ different chargers and we keep many DC sockets in stock to provide a fast repair on your laptop!


We will test your old charger free of charge and also try your laptop with new charger to ensure your laptop springs back into action!







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