Premium Health Check

Premium Health Check

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Only £29.99


Our professional technicians will provide a fully comprehensive health check on your computer.

  1. PC Physical Inspection & Cleanse – Includes cleaning of dust & lint from all fans/heatsinks and internal parts.
  2. Full Virus Scan – Removal of viruses, malware, bloatware & all the nasty stuff that can get on your computer.*
  3. Full Data Integrity Check – Your hard drive will be fully tested to industry standards to ensure all your data is on a reliable source.
  4. PC Tune Up – Speed up and optimise your computer if running slow.
  5. Compendious Upgrade Advice – We will advise on any upgrades that may benefit your system.
  6. Vulnerability Check – We will inspect your software and apply updates that are available. This will help keep your PC more safe & secure.


How it works

1) Bring your computer into our store at 100 Darwen St, Blackburn, BB2 2AJ and fill in a book in form.

2) Leave your computer with us to work our magic!

3) We will contact you when the Super6 Health Check MOT is complete and report our findings.



Other stuff you may need to know

* Computers with extremely bad virus infections can take longer to clean and take more work, in the rare occurrences this happens we will contact you and quote you appropriate charges.

Computer must be left with us; service can take from 1~3 days, we advice a more accurate timescale at the time.

Computers that won’t switch on or work are deemed as faulty and will not qualify for this service. We may however be able to check your power pack free of charge or offer a repair service.

Computer must be useable (being a little slow is ok!).

We do not provide a full PC Physical Inspection on Laptops/Notebooks/Netbook/AIO Pc’s, these are exempt. We can however still perform all other services.

We reserve the right to withdraw this offer at anytime. |We reserve the right to change the conditions of this offer at anytime.



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