Custom Built PC’s

Custom Built PC’s

We can custom build any computer!

We have been working with a number of customer over the years, building PC’s to match their exact requirements, either size, computing performance, silent operation and any other requirements.

Depending upon what you require prices can start as little as £239.

Whatever your requirement we will be more than glad to send you a custom quote!

Please give us a call on 01254 680250 or send an email to with your contact details and requirements and we will get back in touch.


Every custom quote begins with a brief chat on the phone or via email to gain an understanding of your requirements.

or alternatively you can fill in the form below.


If your not technical don’t hesitate to get in touch we will help you with your custom build or off

We like to ask for a budget you have in mind as with computers they can start at £239 and rise up to over £5000 for specialist equipment!

If you don’t want to disclose your budget but have a detailed specification, we can work with that too.

We have competed with many online resellers in the past and provide the local, close to home support.

All our computers are built right here by our specialists. Hand assembled with extra care and attention to detail.

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