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About Us

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Who are Park Computers?

We are a local, independent retailer and repair centre based in Blackburn, Lancashire.

Even since the early 90’s we have been upgrading, assembling & repairing computers for customers and businesses.



Park Computers In Store 2     We stock a range of ex office equipment including wooden desks, premium 12mm glass desks, stackable chairs, swivel chair, filing cabinets, wooden chairs and much more. Our stock can change over time.






Park Computers In Store 3We have a range of refurbished PC’s, Laptops & LCDS.








Park Computers In Store 4We stock many different keyboards, mice, laptops coolers and all sorts of peripherals. Affordable and premium brands for all customers.








Park Computers In Store 6We also stock many different cables, ADSL, CAT5e, CAT6 (Ethernet cables) HDMI cables also many more peripherals like headsets, microphones, adaptors, laptop bags and much more! You’re more than welcome to come down and browse our store!








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